Sensor Design, Data Analysis & Mining

Sensor Design

The sensor design team has expertise in the design and deployment of adaptive (on-demand) sensors, nanobiotechnology, bioelectronics, microfluidic (“Lab-on-Chip”) biochip devices, nanomaterials-based sensors, nanostructures and novel interfaces, ‘smart’ interfaces, sensor networks, electrochemical sensing devices for environmental, security and clinical monitoring, microfabrication and miniaturization, counterterrorism-detection, sensor/recognition coatings, and remote sensing.

Data Analysis & Mining

Research investigations range from artificial intelligence (machine learning, active learning, ensemble methods, spectral methods, semi-supervised learning) and exploratory data analysis (data mining, high-dimensional data reduction, experiment design and evaluation) to real-world applications (stream data, high- throughput data, image labeling, text categorization and web mining). Past collaborations include AOL, Microsoft Research, Motorola Research, TGen and Arizona Water Institute on challenging projects that involve massive data mining and management. The data mining and machine learning research laboratory is equipped with machine learning software packages, data analysis development tools, personal computers, Linux machines and a networked printer.