(a) Modeling, design and fabrication of RF and mixed signal integrated circuits is being considered to interface with and condition signals in different applications, ranging from multi-standard wireless communication systems to biosensor implantable devices and structural health monitoring systems.

(b) High performance circuit designs for structural health monitoring applications are being developed using innovative circuit design techniques and by exploiting complex digital signal processing techniques that can compensate for the imperfections of analog circuits in submicron technology.

(c) Design of smart, adaptive, and self-tunable circuits are being considered that can adaptively adjust their performance (resolution, accuracy) and hence their power consumption based on requirements imposed by the environment.

Current projects in this area include adaptive cancellation of thermal noise in RF and mixed-signal circuits, low power IF digitizer for cellular applications, aggressively calibrated high performance pipeline ADC for multi-standard communication systems, and digitally calibrated, MASH continuous-time sigma delta ADC for broadband wireless applications.