Experimental Demonstration of In-Situ Damage Detection in Fiber Reinforced Composites



Fatigue Test on Di-AC embedded GFRP 

– Fatigue test with 20Hz
– Displacement control (0.06%-3% strain)
– Epoxy Resin: Hardener (100:27)
– 5 wt% Dimeric Anthracene (Di-AC, mechanophore)
– Dimension: 55mm(L) x 20mm(W) x 0.3mm (T)

– Field of View: 7mm x 7mm

– Notch of length ≈1mm at the left edge of the specimen
  • Intensity of fluorescence increases from 10k to 60k cycles
  • Intensity drop is observed after 60k cycles due to the sites with through-thickness microcracks resulting in the form of regions with very low intensity
  • With subsequent loading cycles, the sample fails with the cracks visualized by the intensity of fluorescence of activated mechanophores in real-time