Experimental Demonstration of In-Situ Damage Detection in Fiber Reinforced Composites



Quasi-Static Loading Test on Di-AC embedded GFRP

– Strain rate: 0.0032 mm/sec
– Epoxy Resin: Hardener (100:27)
– 5 wt% Dimeric Anthracene (Di-AC, mechanophore)
– Dimension: 55mm(L) x 20mm(W) x 0.3mm (T)
– Field of View: 7mm x 7mm
– Notch of length ≈1mm at the left edge of the specimen

  • Intensity starts increasing around 0.6% strain
  • Significant rise in intensity occurs at strains 3.28%, 3.64%, and 3.8% prior to yield (yield strain 4.12%) ⇒ Early damage detection