Adaptive System Laboratory

Sensor, Actuator and Acquisition Facility
ARAMIS 3D deformation measuring system
Polytec Scanning Laser Vibrometer
SONDA Air-coupled C-scan System
Ecotherm Thermal Wave Imaging system
National Instruments PXI 8 Slot Chassis Data Acquisition System

Integrated Mechanical Testing Laboratory

100 KN planar bi-axial & 10 k in-lbf torsional test system
AFM and SECM Scanning Probe System
Techprop Precision Metal and Ceramic Polishing system
MTS 810 Servo hydraulic & other material testing systems

Fulton High Performance Computing Initiative

Saguaro 285 node, 1,060 processor cluster with 5TB of storage available via local RAID

Signal Processing Laboratories

Laboratory for Agile Sensing Research
DSP Research Laboratory
Speech Research Laboratory
Java DSP Research Laboratory

Mechanical Behavior of Materials Facility

MTS Nano Indenter System
Furnaces for heat treatments and sintering
MTS Tytron small-length scale testing frame
MTS 810 servo hydraulic system

Manufacturing Facility

Composites/Nanocomposites laboratory
Fisher Isotemp 282A programmable vacuum oven
Barnstead/Thermolyne Tube Furnace
HAAS machining center
Rapid prototyping machine